Catch and smash light creatures to expand your darkness over the world
Throw yourself as far as possible, through the colorful world of light! Use special abilities, to catch adorable creatures and enhance your power! Avoid the powerful attacks of colossal guardians that block your path!


  • Use your hook to catch adorable creatures to enhance your power
  • Fly through the sky of a colorful world
  • Use explosions to gain speed
  • Destroy your enemies with a ground smash
  • Upgrade your abilities (autosave)
  • Fight the boses with the power of your hook of darkness
  • Beautyfull handmade graphics

How to Play:

  • Launch yourself through the air with one touch
  • Catch creatures to improve your speed
  • Increase your power and abilities
  • Fight against colossal enemies
  • Find the chance to counterattack the bosses
  • Reach the longest distance possible


Please notify us!
This is a mobile game, nevertheless let us know any inconvenience that may occur in other platforms.


Hold BETA.


This game was created within the Summer Lab 2017, a workshop by the educational institute Image Campus.
Its goal was to develop and publish a simple but complete videogame in a short term using resources from the institute.
This game was created by Bilocation Line Studio with the participation of gamedesigner Mauro Guarino and they were guided and assisted by mentors.


Developers: Carlos Damian Cappa, Nicolas Scala
Concept Art: Matias Delio, Candela Triemstra
Game Art: Matias Delio, Candela Triemstra
Game Design: Mauro Guarino

(Coming soon...)

Acquire limbs from diverse creatures in different biomes, choose wisely which limbs combine!


  • Use the abilities of your limbs to overcome the challenges.
  • Kill the enemy creatures to obtain new limbs.
  • Explore unrepetables scenarios.
  • Discover new biomes and creatures.
  • Survive as much as you can.


Please notify us!


In progress ALPHA.


Developers: Carlos Damian Cappa, Nicolas Scala
Concept Art: Matias Delio
Game Art: Matias Delio, Georgina Nobili
It is a demonstration of procedural generation of biomes for video games in three dimensions.


Automatic generation of unrepeatable levels placing rocks, trees and other objects while keeping a building design of roads and open spaces.

Note for gamers Credits

You can play, but this is not meant to have fun; nevertheless, I have created an isometric camera, a player and some extra mechanics, like automated combat with enemies and collection of elements to reform scenarios (If you do not want to use the "cheat" explained in the Controlls section of the menu.).


Release DEMO.


Carlos Damian Cappa

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